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In term 1 we started with the Earth, building a solid foundation of simplicity and stability. This is so that everything else we start to work on in the year will have fertile earth from which to grow. Having this foundation will vastly improve our chance of success. What is success though? Our yoga practice is not the goal, it’s the tool or the processing software that allows us to see everything with more clarity. We start to uncover who we really are (the light and the shadow!), what we really want and how we want to be in the world. The truth. When we use the practices of asana, pranayama, meditation we uncover the layers of all that we have experienced to reveal the powerful inner stillness that lies within. From here, anything is possible. But it takes discipline (tapas) and belief (shraddha).

In term 2 we are moving into the Fire element to approach each day with possibility, burning through any limiting behaviors such as procrastination and apathy.

My own personal work this term will be to have the clarity and courage to approach everything I do and say with conviction and clear direction. Keeping things uncomplicated and direct, simple yet potent.  Now that I have developed some healthy routines in term 1 (meal planning and 10000 steps a day) I don’t have to rely on motivation – I rely on my routine. I am working on crystal clear communication with my family and my team. I am building my endurance and inner belief that I am capable and resourceful and leaning on my routines to eliminate decision fatigue. I am ready to be the person I want to be in every aspect of my life, noting any limiting beliefs and working on not letting them hold me back. In the past, facing challenges has led to fear, stress and burnout, however any challenges I now face will be done with intelligence and mindfulness to stay on track but not to lose myself in the process.  My yoga practice is supporting me to feel alive, vibrant and ready for anything that comes my way, one breath at a time.

I aim to work hard and rest hard. Only hanging out with people who light me up and not make me want to dull my inner spirit. When I feel overwhelmed I will focus not on the BIG PICTURE but instead ask myself “What is the next step to move the needle just a little?” Small, simple yet direct steps towards the big picture without stress.


Three words from yoga that I believe are important when living with the fire element for guidance are:

Agni: the digestive Fire

Tending the fire in the body begins with monitoring the fire of digestion. When the digestive fire is healthy, this impacts the positive wellbeing of the whole body. We will be focussing on twists and abdominal engagement this term as well as inversions to allow the digestive fire (agni) to help burn through impurities in the abdominal area of the body.

It is suggested not to drink water too close to any yoga practice as our aim is to stoke the fire and water as we know will extinguish the flame. Of course we want to be well hydrated so make sure you drink plenty of water during the day however in the hour before and then during practice try not to drink anything.

Tapas – heat and discipline

One of the five niyamas in the ashtanga yoga system, Tapas can mean action, heat or discipline. Freedom comes from discipline and routine. For example by dedicating ourself to the practice on a regular basis we have the freedom from making the decision once and for all. Just be the person who practices yoga on x, y, z days (or whatever suits you – it’s your decision). We can’t learn the piano if we don’t sit down and play and we can’t improve our backbend if we don’t practice either. The practice is the anchor that takes us closer to a place of stillness however it takes a disciplined approach to get there. Our practices this term will be about building some heat in the body, to help burn through impurities causing physical and mental stiffness.

Brahmacharya – don’t waste energy. One of the yamas of the ashtanga system Bramacharya can mean to conserve vital energy i.e not to spread ourselves too thin and overcommit. This can look like : setting boundaries and expressing those boundaries clearly; valuing sleep like your life depends on it; not hanging around people who sap your energy and not practicing in a way that exhausts us. Our physical practice and all of our routines and relationships need to support our daily life and also need to change as our circumstance and energy change throughout our lifetime.

Some signs of low fire energy are:

  • Feeling unfocused and indecisive
  • Feeling a lack of motivation and inspiration.
  • Weak digestion and stomach pain, slow digestion, constipation.
  • Excessive mucus and congestion, that won’t seem to dry up.
  • Feeling cold, rough, heavy and damp
  • No inner spark or feeling of purpose


So let’s fire up and work together with the fire element in Term 2. Join us

Allison x


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