I feel grounded, happy and healthy : Earth reflection

Reflecting back on how I felt at the start of the year and how I feel now – I feel like a different person! I feel more like myself that I have in years!

By the end of last year I was so worn out, dare I say burnt out, after many years of living in survival mode. I moved three times, had both my house and business flooded, got shut down by the government, busted my @rse to save my business and buy our new home and most importantly keep my family together and safe. When I actually look back I can’t believe it!

I had to make some changes to take care of myself – it started with the Earth and the intention I set for myself and on a bigger scale the studio and my amazing students.

I wrote :

Earth to me is to feel steady, grounded in my routine, intentionally creating my days, knowing where I am, who I am and where I am going. Being in control of what I am doing day to day, having a plan but not overwhelmed by it instead feeling comforted and supported by that plan, meal planning to feel nourished, having a spacious weekly routine with time for rest and a morning ritual to ground myself before I go out into the world.

On my mat and in my practice, it’s about slowing down to get strong, building a foundation of repeating the basics so that I can build upon that in the next season.

I bought a new watch and started tracking my steps and my sleep. I planned my meals. I got a better digital system to track my never-ending to-do list. I stopped scrolling on my phone in bed. I started a different meditation practice. I rested more. I started digital co-working and continued weekly check ins with my business accountability buddy. I experimented with a massage gun before I went to sleep. I stopped having hot chocolates when watching Spicks and Specks. I studied Pranayama with Eddie Stern. I worked on being a better communicator and shelving my agenda when talking with my husband.

In my practice, I went back to practicing the primary series and fell in love with it (again!). I focused on strengthening my back and fixing my shoulder (It’s the main injury I got in my car accident – I slept on it funny in November and it’s only come good now – again!) working on improving technique for handstands and jump throughs. I went back to basic pranayama and felt so clear and vibrant I cannot even describe it.

Earth element was about creating systems, habits and routines that provide the foundation for an energetic and joyful life. I feel a big shift because of this. I’ve slept better, I’ve eaten better, I’ve moved more and I’ve laughed more. I feel on top if my to do list and I am happy with how much I have achieved and how much I have rested. Thanks to my practice for giving me the tools and insight to study myself, know what works for me and the courage to change what I need to change to feel good.

I cannot wait for next term! Fire element…here we come!


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