Too busy to practice and other excuses why we resist the mat

Too busy to practice yoga and other excuses

It’s really hard to commit ourselves to an ashtanga yoga practice. Let’s face it – it’s really hard to commit ourselves to anything that will be good for us.  Anything worthwhile takes grit, determination and a whole lot of discipline.  Saving money, eating well, studying, exercising – all really hard work.  But always worth it. … Read more

Happy Birthday to Us…Live and Breathe Yoga turns 5!

Happy Birthday Live and Breathe Yoga Townsville

Thanks everyone for coming along to our birthday bash last week. I hope you enjoyed your delicious juice and healthy snacks, some good chat and had your photo taken…you all know how I love photos! Here we are. Live and Breathe Yoga (my first baby) is turning 5 and all I can really say is … Read more