Yoga is not one-size-fits-all

Yoga is not a one-size-fits-all practice. This ancient practise brings so many benefits to our modern busy lives. In fact, we believe it’s more relevant than ever.

We’re here for you if you’re:

  • Looking for a supportive, inclusive community of people who loves to laugh and enjoy themselves
  • Needing to learn how to quieten your thoughts, relax your mind, and properly relax and unwind
  • Wanting to strengthen your body and move with minimal pain or discomfort
  • Managing an old injury or health condition and know that you need movement 
  • Looking to reignite your interest or passion in yoga

How we started

Our founder, Allison Dearling was involved in a serious car accident in her teens which needed many years of rehabilitation. A Mount Isa local, Allison discovered yoga when living and working in Glasgow, Scotland.

Then working as an accountant, Allison was amazed by the strength she built through practising Ashtanga yoga at the Chi School of Yoga. Her journey led her to India to deepen her practice in Ashtanga, later returning to Townsville (with her husband Harry!) with a dream to help others through her story.

2010: the Live and Breathe Yoga Studio opened in Allison’s living room
2011: our first tiny yoga studio opened in Flinders Street
2012: we moved to our bigger studio at 80 Denham Street
2014: we facilitated our first ever retreat at Hidden Valley
2016: we ran our second yoga retreat at Elandra Mission Beach
2019: our beloved studio flooded and we moved to our temporary studio in our students house
2019 : we finally opened our gorgeous newly renovated studio space at 108 Denham Street
2020 : our virtual studio was born and we survived Covid shutdown
2021: we ran our third yoga retreat at Sanctuary Mission Beach
2021: we ran our first Yoga Teacher Training!
2022 : we ran our fourth yoga retreat at Sanctuary Mission Beach
2023: we ran our first ever Yogic Studies Immersion.and second Yoga Teacher Training
2023 : we ran our fifth yoga retreat at Castaways Mission Beach
2023 : Ashtanga yoga + Elements program was born

Since 2010, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming thousands of students coming together to practise. We’ve hosted SO many workshops with international yoga teachers over the years to bring the best of the world to our students.

And we’ve enjoyed countless hours together, blissed out in Savasana, ommming in union, or gasbagging over a cup of chai or coffee after class.

Whether you’re looking to unwind at a tropical yoga retreat in far north Queensland, an authentic teacher training or yogic studies immersion to explore the depths of your practise, a highly qualified and experienced yoga therapist for tailored one-to-one yoga, or simply a new group of friends to downward dog with, we can’t wait to welcome you!

Your body, your story, our community.

Our team

Our teachers are the best around! All of them are devoted to their own yogic lifestyle and continue to further their studies with yoga teachers from all over the world.

We’re known for our high level of care for our students – this is always our priority. We invite you to explore the different classes, styles and teachers on offer. See you on the mat.

Our yoga styles

We offer many different styles of yoga to suit individual preferences, but pay homage to our lineage as an Ashtanga Yoga studio. Allison, our principal teacher has been practicing Ashtanga yoga for 23 years, having studied at the Ashtanga Yoga Institute in Mysore India on several long term trips. She deeply reveres Ashtanga as paramount to her healing from a serious car accident in her teens, and Ashtanga is the foundation of her extensive yoga knowledge. 

Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic style with an equal emphasis on strength as well as flexibility that’s designed to heat the body, so be prepared to sweat! Ashtanga offers set sequences of postures that, over time, allow the body to become supple and strong. The flowing nature of the practice becomes a moving meditation, calming the mind.  

To compliment the dynamic nature of the ashtanga yoga practice we offer restorative yoga, meditation and pranayama breathwork to bring balance and help with down regulation of the nervous system.Our overall Elements program across all classes is a uninque yet practical way to ensure our students are safe and supprted to progress.

We’re a membership studio

We’re a membership studio, rather than a drop-in studio, because we want you to get to class as often as possible! Ideally, at least twice a week.

We intimately know the transformative power of a regular yoga practice AND we know exactly how busy life is and how other things crowd in, if you let them. 

We’ve designed our memberships to make it as easy as possible to get to class – and reap the benefits. The more classes you take every week, the better value this is.

Our two memberships are lovingly designed to offer the best value and motivate you to practice regularly. We run on a school term basis, but your membership payments are spread across the year, to make cashflow easier. 

Get the inside scoop!

And nab first access to retreats, events and other happens. 

Lesley Alford
Lesley Alford
Live and Breathe Yoga will energise and balance your body and mind in a professional, peaceful and welcoming space. Thanks to a great team of teachers.
Lucy Mullins
Lucy Mullins
Arguably the best yoga studio in Townsville and probably all of QLD! I knew that this was the yoga studio for me once I'd read Allison's blogs. I felt a sense of connection and community with the yoga studio before I'd even begun my first class. Coffee every Saturday makes it more than just a yoga studio but a place where you below and connect with like-minded people. Definitely recommend!
Allison Lambert
Allison Lambert
Very fortunate to have Live and Breathe Yoga here in Townsville, specialising in Ashtanga Yoga. I recommend connecting with Allison and her team on your yoga path.
Bent Family
Bent Family
We are so fortunate to have a world-class Yoga studio right here in Townsville. Allison and the Live and Breathe team foster a welcoming space where attendees can select from a range of classes. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced yogi, or somewhere in between, there’s a place for you at LBY!
Carrie Smith
Carrie Smith
Step into the Live and Breathe Yoga studio, and you'll find more than just a space for yoga; it's a sanctuary that embodies the essence of a supportive community. From the moment you walk through the doors, the atmosphere exudes warmth and positive energy. The Ashtanga yoga tradition is expertly embraced at Live and Breathe, thanks to the knowledgeable and supportive teachers who guide with precision and care. For those seeking a yoga community that goes beyond the physical practice, Live and Breathe is a gem, offering a fun and encouraging haven.
Pauline thomas
Pauline thomas
I met the Live and Breathe Yoga family just this year in my recovery from breast cancer. Allison and our team of coaches are amazing. They are gifted and super experienced and also kind and inclusive. I have not done this before and my inexperience and clumsiness is welcomed. They truly shower you in love and light and provide brilliant expertise and unwavering support to believe in your ability. The biggest bonus for me is being part of a true community of non-judgemental women and men while I get to fulfil my dream of practising yoga for the first time in my life, building strength and wellness for life, getting complete relief from physical and spiritual pain and knowing that there are no limits to the feeling of peace and centredness you gain from Yoga. All this amongst friends while having a giggle. You need to join us!
Nicole Dewing
Nicole Dewing
Such a fabulous space to practice yoga with teachers who genuinely care and take the time to watch and listen to students.. thank you I love practicing here 🥰
Emma Thompson
Emma Thompson
THE BEST yoga studio. Haven’t found anywhere like it after moving away from Townsville so I continue virtual membership with Live and Breathe. I love the flexibility of online classes despite missing the studio a lot, and I love the range of classes. Allison is a fantastic teacher. I am really enjoying Andi’s Pilates classes too.
Alice G
Alice G
What a fabulous yogi studio! I love how the studio combines wellbeing, challenge and fun, the feel-good vibe, the sense of community, the quality of teachers and the peacefulness and nourishment from being in this studio space.. You'll feel great and feel welcomed! Highly recommend. 5 stars easy!!!!! 😍
monica smith
monica smith
I heard about Live and Breath yoga while at a breathwork class, I decided to complete the immersion class which has changed my life. People are just beautiful, Allison is a wonderful teacher her guidance and knowledge is phenomenal. Im jumping into the teacher training soon cant wait to see the results.