Frequently asked questions

There are so many styles of yoga; like flavours of ice cream and it is good to try a few. At Live and Breathe Yoga, we practice and teach Ashtanga Yoga, which is a dynamic, movement-based style of yoga focusing on breath and movement together. There is an equal emphasis on strength as well as flexibility and is it designed to create heat in the body, so be prepared to sweat! It is a set sequence of postures and over time will allow the body to move more freely, become supple and strong. The flowing nature of the practice becomes a moving meditation, calming the mind. The only pre-requisite is a willingness to try and keep at it. We also have Slow and Steady yoga classes where postures are held for longer and there is an emphasis on strength in stillness. Our Reset and Restore class is a wonderful restorative style yoga class with a focus on simple and restful postures with a slow and quiet vibe. Whatever you need we have the right style for you. 

Starting yoga can feel daunting and confusing. We want you to know that we understand and congratulate you on making this first step. Like anything holistic, the potency increasing with dosage (the more the practice the more your benefit) The best class is the one that suits your schedule. Start with a Beginners course or commit to a Term Reset and Restore class.

You can either pay for a single class, by the term or join our membership. Refer to our JOIN us page

Please book your class in advance online.

  • Please do not attend if you have any cold/flu like symptoms to take care of our teaching staff and students. We have virtual classes available so you can stay home and still enjoy your practice with us
  • Bring a yoga mat if you have one (we have a few in the studio to borrow but as this style makes you sweat it is advised to bring your own mat for hygiene purposes.)
  • Bring a small bath towel to use as a prop, some water for afterwards, and wear cool, easy-to-move-in clothes.
  • No shoes required. Just clean, bare feet. Please leave your shoes on the stairs as you enter. DO NOT WEAR YOUR SHOES IN THE STUDIO
  • It is advised to shower before class for hygiene and courtesy to others in the room.
  • Please do not wear strong smelling perfumes/colognes/aftershaves/deodorants as a consideration to those who have sensitivities.
  • As you enter, introduce yourself to the teacher and discuss if you have any injuries or concerns.
  • Come in quietly so as to keep the vibe calm and relaxing
  • It’s best to arrive to class on an empty stomach and not to sip water throughout your practice but to rehydrate at the end.
  • It’s also good to bring an open mind and enthusiasm!

Anyone can practice yoga (except those in some phases of pregnancy) Most of the postures can be modified for injuries. The wonderful thing about yoga is that it is great for injury rehab and prevention. Let us know before class if you have an injury/concern so we can discuss how to modify the postures to give you the most out of class. If you are unsure, please feel welcome to be in touch beforehand to discuss. All you need a willingness to try, take your time and keep at it.

There is plenty of street parking on Denham and Sturt streets and it’s free to park before 9am and after 5pm weekdays and free on weekends. During office hours (9am -5pm) there is metered parking at $1 per hour.

Our address is Level 1, 108a Denham Street in the city centre of Townsville.  We are above Organic Legal and accross the road from Smile Dentists. Look for the white wooden door with small windows on Denham Street. Click here for a map.

Live and Breathe Yoga does have a change room, and bathroom facilities.

For guided classes it is best to be available for the full length of the class, which are usually 60-90 minutes. This is so you make the most out of the knowledge that is provided by the teacher and also have a chance to rest after the postures. If you do need to leave early please let the teacher know before class to avoid disruptions.

The Mysore style classes are open for up to 90 minutes. This class is a bit more flexible where you can arrive when you can and leave early if you need to. It is recommended to reserve about an hour and a half to have a fulfilling practice in the studio; however, we understand that life matters can interfere and we feel that whatever time you can dedicate is better than none at all!

We don’t have specific pregnancy yoga classes at Live and Breathe Yoga. If you have practiced ashtanga yoga prior to pregnancy it is ok to continue your ashtanga practice (with modifications) in the Mysore class only. Most of our teachers are Mums and have practice yoga throughout their pregnancies. Please contact us prior to attending however to discuss. If you are new to yoga then it is advised to attend a specific pregnancy class.

Yoga is a combination of physical movement in combination with the breath that will help increase your flexibility over time. Ashtanga yoga works on strength and flexibility together. You do not need to be flexible when you start yoga; however, you will see your range of flexibility increase over time. In the beginning it is a physical practice and over time becomes more subtle, working on calming the mind.