Andrea Dighton

Andi has worked with the Townsville community for many years through both the arts world and the outdoor adventuring communities. With a background in dance and keen, evolving interest in how movement affects the body she was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga through a colleague whilst on a regional workshop tour with Dancenorth back in 2016 (thanks Sozi!). Andi then started coming to Monday night, led primary series classes and loved Allison’s teaching style and found that the linear narrative of Ashtanga really made sense. 

Andi has been teaching Pilates on and off for 8 years and finds it such a complement to both her dance teaching and yoga practice. She has recently graduated from the 2023 Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training Program and loved every second of it! Andi is grateful to be surrounded by such excellent humans within the Live and Breathe Yoga community, both teachers and students. Andi is currently on maternity leave and will return soon