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Saying Yes to Joy

When we have been through really big life challenges, it makes the fun times so much more profound, important and memorable. It gives us perspective to enjoy our loved ones and celebrate how lucky we are to be alive. It shows that to live is a blessing and every day is a gift. Life is so short and precious.  It’s been a rough few years for my family and I have had to shoulder a lot of stress, fear and anxiety about my dear ones. This last term, I have finally been able to slow down (a little) and I wanted more fun and freedom to say yes to more. I decided to fully embrace and call in anything fun that I could do and wow it’s been so good. I went to so many shows at NAFA my head was spinning (one day I went to three shows!), saw the Waifs at the legendary Dalrymple Hotel – I haven’t laughed and danced so much in a long time!  Taking Elsie to see the Theatre NQ production of Puffs was so good – Harry Potter is really big in our house and this production did not disappoint! The highlight was being part of the Pub Choir (and seeing so many Live and Breathe Yogis there!) when I watched the video it brought tears to my eyes…to be singing with a full house at the Civic theatre Townsville is something I will never forget! I’ve been singing that song daily ever since!


And we have a LBY team going to the Dangerous Females Trivia night on Saturday – raising awareness and funds for women affected by Domestic Violence. So I wanted to say, if you are also going through challenges then please keep going! You’ve got this!

Yoga’s Reach Beyond Boundaries

In addition to embracing joy, I’ve had the privilege of sharing yoga with diverse corporate groups on top of my regular clients (DanceNorth, Townsville City Council and Peddle Thorp Architects) These opportunities have taken me to remarkable places like the serene sanctuary of AIMS and JCU’s Vet students on their well-being day. I’ve also led yoga sessions for Evolution Financial, fostering team bonding atop Melton Terrace, and brought tranquility to the staff of Cleveland Detention Centre and out to Magnetic Island for Destination Adventure! I have loved sharing the practice of yoga with so many and feel really grateful I get to do what I do everyday.

Saying No to Stress

As I approach the age of 46, and with looming menopause, I understand the importance of managing stress. Stress, a big presence in our lives, affects our hormones and consequently our overall well-being. Chronic stress triggers the release of hormones like adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine, affecting so many of our bodily functions. This can lead to anxiety, depression, digestive issues, headaches, and pain.

Stress has two components: the source of stress and our reaction to it. Acknowledging my role in creating stress, I’ve committed to daily self-reflection to reduce the negative impacts of stress. Simple yet powerful steps like organisation, reducing screen time, time outside in nature, moving and nourishing my body with quality nutrition, drinking more water, and having more fun are my tools. Thankfully, my yoga practice has been an unwavering companion, supporting me through it all since my 20’s.

Thank you Water Element

Despite my initial reservations, the Water element term has proven immensely rewarding. I’ve learned to say “Yes” to joy and “No” to stress. The light is shining bright at the end of the tunnel and I am here for it! Wholeheartedly!

I’d love for you to join us, celebrate the beauty of life, one breath at a time. Letting the yoga practice keep us on the path to the truth. I cannot wait to see what next term brings. Join us!


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