Martyn Axelsen

Martyn came to yoga, at Live and Breathe, over 12-years ago as a means to deal with a highly demanding job as an aircraft engineer managing high intensity contracts.  He previously spent 30+years in the Royal Air Force and has lived in Germany, Holland and Saudi Arabia as well as in many parts of the United Kingdom.

Over that time, his Yoga journey has progressed from viewing yoga as simply a physical practice to an appreciation of the wider aspects of the yoga tradition and a realisation of the benefits of pranayama and meditation have in his daily life as well as asana.  “Once I realised there was more to yoga than exercise (which did take a number of years), I knew I wanted to understand the whole yogic philosophy more, which lead to teacher training”. Graduating in 2022 from the Live and Breathe 350-hour Teacher Training course, Martyn is a registered Level One teacher with Yoga Australia.

Work took Martyn to Victoria for a couple of years where he practiced Vinyasa Flow and Yin yoga, but his true love is Ashtanga Yoga.  “I love the routine of the Ashtanga series and how on any given day, I can feel something different in my practice”.  He was fortunate to be able to return to Townsville in 2019.  “Townsville now feels like home and the friendly Yoga community is a strong reason for that”. Martyn is currently working overseas and will return in 2024.