2 Feb 2012 Allison heads to Mysore, India

After a whirlwind month of frantically trying to get everything sorted at the studio and at home before my trip, I left still having quite a hefty to do list…now to be sorted en route! Haha! Thank goodness for airport wifi! I had a 36 hour trip ahead of me so plenty of time to get some things done (or not!).

The trip over was pretty uneventful, just long, although the flight out of Singapore delayed 2 hours and so I missed my connecting flight in Mumbai to Bangalore – but luckily (due to past experience) I had booked my ticket all the way through so I was on the next flight, no problem. I had a driver waiting for me in Bangalore to pick me up at 8am however now I wasn’t going to arrive until 11:30am. Eek! I didn’t want him to leave when I didn’t show up. As there were no phones in Mumbai airport I couldn’t phone Judi direct. Thank goodness for modern technology as I was able to email Harry in Townsville, to text Judi in Mysore, so she could speak with Ganesh (taxi pickup organiser and general go-to guy) so that he could phone the driver in Banglaore! Phew!

I arrived in Bangalore airport to see my driver holding up my name on a piece of card! He waited! With a big smile and a head wobble he said “Flight missing madam?” “I waiting very long time.”

The four hour drive to Mysore felt more like a car chase in the movies! Not for the faint hearted with a few near misses (cows, buses, scooters rickshaws) but at least it kept me awake. We stopped for a coconut and a chai on the way! Soooooo good!

img_2219My driver helps me with my bag in Bangalore airport

I arrived to my hotel at 3pm. I knew registration at the Shala was at 3:30pm (however due to the phenomenon that is Shala time that actually meant 3:15pm.) So I didn’t have much time. The shala would be closed on Saturday and so I would have had to wait an extra day if I didn’t make it!

I quickly chucked some cold water over me…(bucket bath and no hot water) changed and started off down the road in the direction of the shala in quite a daze having not slept for quite some time and not 100% sure where it was – going purely on memory… Thankfully on my way down the road I saw in a vision in turquise and aviator sunnies! Judi!!! Whizzing up on her Scooter to collect me! I was beyond happy to see her – I jumped on the back and we headed to the Shala. Registration was quick, no hassle and now very modernised. Last time we had to write a letter to the shala asking if we could study and when you arrived Sharath just asked “You send letter?” When? It had to be there 2 months before you were to arrive so you gave the daite and then that was it. Now there is a lovely girl in reception with a Macbook asking your name and getting you to fill in a form, with copies of your passport and visa and then you wait until Sharath is ready and you go in to his new office. He is just as I remember him. Big smile, shy and a man of few words. He types some stuff into his Macbook, you pay him, and then gives you your shala card with your class times on it. Because it is so busy here at the moment my Mysore class start time is 10:30am (10:15am shala time) and then I am in the 6am Friday Led class and 4:30am Sunday Led class! Yep 4:30!!!

img_2218Judi to the rescue

Judi and I then headed for something to eat and then I needed to get to bed….It feels great to be back and I’m itching to practice. I’m tired and I miss Harry – it feels very strange to be here without him. Not quite right but I know he is with me in spirit. I feel so grateful to be back here – its pretty much all I have thought about since my last visit.

I received a beautiful card from one of the students to wish me well on my journey and it helped me get on the plane as it was pretty difficult to leave and say good bye to family, friends, the studio and the Live and Breathe Yoga family…The quote on the card is pretty much how I have tried to live my life the last ten years and is nice to be reminded when we are about to do something scary…I will leave you with the quote and hope that it too inspires you to do something a little scary…let me tell you, it’s always worth it!

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing” Helen Keller

img_2200Thanks for the card Frank!


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