Amanda Lanarus

Amanda has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, after being introduced to meditation and asana by her Mum.  “I have  practiced in a few different traditions including Iyengar Yoga and Shadow Yoga but for over 10 years I’ve fallen in love with Ashtanga Yoga.  The flowing movement with a strong focus on the breath works really well for my body and mind.”

“I feel most myself when I am on my mat. It is a safe and sacred space where I really connect with myself on a deeper level and face all my joy, fear, pain and mystery.      

When I moved from Townsville from Melbourne I was so happy to find Live and Breathe Yoga.  It has always been such a beautiful space with amazing teachers and the community has been incredibly enriching in my life.  I genuinely can’t imagine my life in Townsville without Live and Breathe yoga and I feel extremely grateful and humbled to be teaching here.”

“Through my work and teaching I aim to focus on:

-understanding the body, mind and breath relationship

-building positive habits and a positive relationship with your body and health

-working gently and honestly with your body to reduce fear and pain

-building strength to support comfortable movement”