Lizzy Hore

Lizzy started practising yoga in her first year working as a physiotherapist in Charters Towers. The local GPs were telling her clients to do yoga for their health and wellbeing and she was intrigued on this practice that kept being recommended for good health. “So I signed up to complete a Therapeutic Yoga Course that year. I think initially it was to learn more for my clients but as I started practising at home, with an app to guide me before I completed this course, I was noticing changes within myself. Being my first year out as a physiotherapist it was a steep learning curve so I was feeling relatively stressed. Well, guess what? This yoga practice I started made my anxiety and stress soften. It has kept me on that mat after all these years.”

“However, it wasn’t until Live and Breathe Yoga studio I actually found a studio I wanted to consistently practice at. I found I would trial a few classes but come back to my own home practice. But Live and Breathe offers a community and self practice with guidance. It’s perfect for me and I am now lucky enough to teach here too! I hope to share a space with my students so that they feel they can move their bodies to ease their minds. “