Crossfit and Yoga with Mel Hill from Tropic Thunder

Yoga and Crossfit

The Tropic Thunder Crossfit team is heading to the USA later this year to compete in the World Crossfit Games!  This is a BIG deal in the Crossfit world and the team is from Townsville. Mel Hill, who is part of the team, is one of our very own Live and Breathe Yogi’s and I asked her a few questions on how ashtanga yoga had helped her crossfit training….

When did you first try yoga?
I first tried yoga with Live and Breathe Yoga, Townsville in 2012.
What made you give it a go?
I had suffered a serious back injury from running (possibly the most boring way to hurt oneself!) and I realised my training was seriously missing a very important element – core strength and flexibility. There is plenty of science which supports the links between strength and flexibility!
What surprised you once you tried yoga?

I was surprised by two key aspects when I first started yoga. The first was how terrible my flexibility really was, and the second and definitely the most significant was how much I could learn in relation to focusing my mind and listening to my body.

How has yoga helped your Crossfit training?
I have always struggled with knowing the difference between looking after myself by taking rest days and being ‘lazy’. Yoga quickly educated my brain on the language of my body! This contributed to my CrossFit training as it allowed me to train harder and more efficiently because I knew when to take a break.
Why do you love yoga?
I love yoga because it calms my mind. It refreshes my body and it makes me feel good – I know each session is doing something positive for my development as an athlete. I also love chanting!! It makes me smile 🙂


Everyone at Live and Breathe Yoga wishes all the best to the team when they head over for the games!

We are holding a fundraiser class for all the Crossfit townsville members to attend at the studio this Sunday 2pm.  Spaces must be booked, check out all the details are here



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