Harry Normand

Harry’s ability to deconstruct complex dysfunctional movement patterns and re-engineer them to support his clients to thrive using massage, corrective exercise and yoga has made him highly regarded in the health and movement industry. He beats (and dances) to his own drum, has completed thousands of clinical treatment hours, and a sneaky engineering degree combined with his biomechanical knowledge means he has always been well ahead of his time. His passion for healthy movement patterns and posture comes through in just about every conversation he has.  

Harry has taught yoga in Scotland and Australia since 2006, and has travelled to India, the USA, and the UK for intensive periods of study under various yoga teachers since his initial teaching certification. As a senior teacher at Live and Breathe Yoga since 2010, Harry has taught studio, corporate and community classes, and used his functional anatomy knowledge to help students modify their practice around structural and postural issues.

As a remedial massage and exercise therapist for over 18 years, Harry teaches yoga postures to improve functional mobility and coordination which provides the foundation of many of his clients’ rehabilitation programs.

Harry is the Owner of Spark Movement studio in Townsville and Allison with the Yogic Studies Immersion program.