March 15th – Sweet practice!


Sweet like these chocolates from the Chocolate Man

It doesn’t happen often but when it does it blows you away!Always when you least expect it too. Today everything just flowed. My breath was deep.My attention was focussed.I felt strong and steady.There is absolutely no pain in my body. Can you imagine?  No stiffness and no pain!After years of suffering with pain from many injuries – for them all to melt away is true bliss!Leaving the shala today after such a sweet practice I felt like I was moving with such ease – I felt so settled.But even better was that my mind was still with an overwhelming sense of feeling comfortable in my own skin.This is why we practice this way – to one day have a glimpse of this feeling of deep peace – by practicing asana with such intensity, the heat and the sweat purifies the joints, muscles, the nervous system and pain starts to leave the body.It’s funny how different your body feels one day to the next.Yesterday, I had no energy, all my joints were sore and stiff, my breath was barely even there and all I could think about was a big cup of chai and getting back to bed! (4am Practice is tough!)But today….wow!So different…this is what makes me fall in love with this practice again and again…and the best thing about it is that anyone can do this…young, old, weak, strong…anyone…only the lazy person cannot do this as this takes dedication, hard work, time and lots of patience…there is no promise of a quick fix…no 12 week transformation, no 7 day detox, no adding water to a powder (god only knows what is in those types of drinks – definitely not “nutrition” as they would have most believe’)…just time on your mat, treating yourself with kindness and patience, knowing that you are already enough, already complete and the only time to enjoy happiness is right now as that is the only time we have!

Enjoy your practice today and I hope you too get a glimpse of this feeling…if not then try again tomorrow as its just around the corner and will happen when you least expect it….x


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