May Yogi of the Month : David

Live and Breathe Yoga Townsville Yogi of the month

Meet our May yogi of the month : David! With a quiet determination and fantastic sense of humour, David reminds us that we never regret a yoga practice and always feel better for it. Check out his interview below!


1. When and where did you first start practising yoga?

I started in late 2014, right here at Live and Breathe Yoga

2. Why were you interested in the first place?

A desire to improve how my body feels and works, combined with seeing how friends had benefited from yoga. Eventually I reached a point where I summoned the courage to sign up for the introductory course with a friend.

3. What is it that got you hooked?

How I feel after a class and also when I notice improvement in my practice. I’ve still got a long way to go but that’s ok.

4. What do you love about Live and Breathe Yoga?

The welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. It is clear that the studio is run based on a sincere desire to share the power of Ashtanga Yoga.

5. What benefits/changes have you felt since practising yoga?

Increased flexibility (although yoga is not about being bendy) and a better awareness of my breath and body. There is nothing like yoga for raising awareness of subtle changes in your body, if I have any asymmetry that needs work yoga soon tells me.

6. How do you stay motivated to keep up your yoga practice?

Like many people I have to work on keeping up my practice, there are a few truths that help me…
– It’s about showing up for what is present, some days bring different challenges and rewards than others.
– Although there have been days when it has been tempting to make excuses not to practice, every time I’ve showed up I’ve felt better for it.
– Yoga is not just for the body, it is also good for the mind.

7. What’s your favourite thing about Ashtanga Yoga?

Savasana! 🙂
Whether I’ve made good progress with my practice or had a day when things seem more challenging, the rest at the end of practice is a time to let it go and relax. It’s a time to thank myself for showing up and be grateful for what the practice brings.

8. What would you say to someone who is thinking of trying yoga?

Do it!
Ideally find a studio where the passion for teaching yoga is evident (a big plug for Live and Breathe on this point) and surrender yourself to the wisdom of the teachers. Regardless of your starting point, if you show up you will feel the benefits.


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