Spring is the time to connect with nature (and ourselves)

Springtime Yoga in Townsville

Spring time means new life, embracing change, eating fresh food, simplifying, planning for the summer, growth and rising energy.

Spring time is a busy time in nature and it’s a great opportunity for us to connect and tune into the rhythm nature provides us. The chill of the winter begins to fade and the warmth of summer starts to shine. The mango trees start to bloom and the days get a little longer. It’s time for new growth and spring cleaning. Our bodies follow nature and our energy starts to increase and yearnings of change start to emerge.

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair.  “
~Kahlil Gibran

As well as spring cleaning our homes, we can also start to think about spring cleaning our bodies. We accumulate most toxins during winter as we slow down, are not exposed to as much sunlight and fresh air as we are in the warmer months. We enjoy heavier foods during winter and as we are not as active in the colder weather our energy can stagnate. The good news is the surging energy of spring brings cravings for freshness, movement, cleansing and rejuvenation. A spring detox revives our energy, brightens our complexion, and boosts our immune system. Now is the time to revisit the New Years Resolutions we made and make positive changes to make them happen.

Here are a few ways to get a spring back in your step:

  • Tongue scraping to clear all the toxins from your mouth when you first wake up
  • Dry body brushing before our morning shower is great for invigorating the lymphatic system
  • Before we have our tea or coffee in the morning, try a BIG glass of water (even 2!) to flush out the system and increase our energy levels for the day ahead
  • Eat more fresh fruit and raw vegetables for snacks
  • Start eating smaller portions at dinner
  • Replace the coffee with a herbal tea, ok maybe the second or third coffee
  • Add more green to your diet (beans, broccoli, spinach)
  • Use a Neti pot to keep hay fever at bay
  • Every time you wash your hands look in the mirror and say “I’m gorgeous”
  • Make an effort to resolve an issue that has been bothering you. Have the difficult conversation, look at your credit card bill, say no to someone. Dealing with stuff is pivotal to reducing stress and boosting our health and well being.
  • Clear the old energy and bring in the new using this feng shui technique. Open all the windows and doors, put on your favourite tune, turn it up really loud and blast away old stagnant energy in your home (Did you know I do this every Monday before class in the studio?)
  • Book a massage or a private yoga session to get the ball rolling to feeling your best
  • Disconnect from social media and connect and enjoy the real world and people around you
  • Plan your best summer yet!

So now it’s time take action towards feeling your happiest and healthiest you! We hope to help you do that by continuing to support your yoga practice here at the studio. Be the first to know about specials, workshops and events by signing up to our e-newsletter and we look to connecting with you soon.


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