February Yogi of the month : Carmel

Live and Breathe Yoga Townsville Yogi of the Month Carmel

Meet Carmel, our February yogi of the month…


1. When and where did you first start practising yoga? 

I was introduced to yoga through a friend and we started with a beginners course early in 2010 with Live and Breathe Yoga when it was still running out of Allison and Harry’s house.


2. Why were you interested in the first place? 

I felt I could benefit from the exercise, relaxation and balance at that time in my life. There were many changes going on and yoga was a kind of sanctuary for me.


3. What is it that got you hooked? 

Learning how to relax – my mind and life is chaotic – and this was a valuable skill for me!  Changes in my overall posture, strength, tone and fitness were noticeable also.


4. What do you love about Live and Breathe yoga? 

Allison, the studio, the feeling, the yoga, the people, Allison!


5. What benefits have you felt since practising yoga? 

Initially the strength and balance were the main benefits I started to feel, then achieving challenges such as back bends and head stands were a real accomplishment to me!  Coming back after major surgery last year has been a challenge but I can feel the benefits already and am loving it!


6. How often do you practice in a week? 

Sadly once or twice 🙁


7. What’s your favourite thing about Ashtanga Yoga? 

The pace and movement of the ashtanga yoga practice allows you a workout as well as relaxation.  I have improved my fitness through yoga  – I love the workout and then the relaxation as the reward!


8. What would you say to someone who is thinking of trying yoga?  

The amazing feeling is worth it as it feels like you have had a massage AND you have exercised!  The balance in your body and mind is a reality.  Allison is an amazing teacher and you will never feel bad!



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