April Yogi of the month : Kerryn

Live and Breathe Yoga Townsville Yogi of the month Kerryn


When and where did you first start practising yoga?

Live and Breathe yoga was the first place I started practising yoga regularly beginning in March 2012. There were some earlier sporadic attempts at following yoga DVDs in the living room.


Why were you interested in the first place?

I was looking for a low impact form of exercise with low risk of injury. Circuit classes, netball and basketball over the years have not been kind to my ankles and shins. Also, I was in search of calm. Regular exercise that involved deep, controlled breathing, such as yoga, was recommended to me as a way to battle nerves and tap in to my calm side.


What is it that got you hooked?

A flowing sequence that’s repeatable. Repetition makes progress stand out and noticing progress is what keeps me going. There’s always more postures and more adjustments within postures, so progress is never ending. Learning a sequence means I know what to do next and never feel lost.


What do you love about Live and Breathe yoga?

I love the mysore style of teaching. You can personalise your practice but benefit from the group energy and adjustments from instructors. Somehow you feel like the class is especially for you, yet you are surrounded by people who feel exactly the same way. The Live and Breathe yoga community have been nothing but welcoming and encouraging. You never feel intimidated or judged.


What benefits/changes have you felt since practising yoga?

On Saturdays I float around in a happy bubble after morning mysore and chai. But beyond the bubble, I am able to maintain other aspects of fitness more easily. My posture has improved. I have some strength back in my damaged ankles and I’m conquering the shin splints too. Also, I can reach my toes in forward bend. I never thought that would be possible for me.


How often do you practice in a week?

I aim for three practices a week, mostly at the studio. I occasionally practice at home. In my ideal world I would get up at 5am and practice every morning before work! Never say never, right?


What’s your favourite thing about Ashtanga Yoga?

That I can take it with me wherever I go. When I leave my exercise routine behind to work on the boat or travel I’ve often felt lost for exercise options. Ashtanga yoga fills that gap for me.


What would you say to someone who is thinking of trying yoga?

It’s addictive and so satisfying. It’s so much more than being able to reach your toes! The benefits are holistic and it’s a form of exercise you can do for life.


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