April Yogi of the Month : Matt

Yogi of the Month : April 2017 : Matt

When Matt came to the studio he was in a lot of pain from a pretty serious work injury. What I love about Matt is his determination to just have a go, even when he is in pain he still makes his way to class as he can feel the difference it is making. I have seen Matt transform over the past year and it’s so inspiring to see him practice now.


When and where did you first start practising yoga?

I first started practising yoga mid 2016 at Live and Breathe Yoga’s Friday morning class with Allison.

Why were you interested in the first place?

After suffering an injury at work, I needed to exercise and both my wife, Raquel, and my physio, Jackie from Physio North, recommended yoga. To start with, I was reluctant, but Jackie contacted Allison and explained my situation.

What is it that got you hooked?

The great atmosphere and constant positivity from Allison, and also the other yogis in the class, got me hooked! The chai tea once a month helped as well, of course!

What do you love about Live and Breathe yoga?

The biggest thing I love about Live and Breathe yoga is that it doesn’t matter how long, or the level you are at with yoga, I still feel I can be part of the class.

What benefits/changes have you felt since practising yoga?

I feel that yoga keeps me going from week to week. Honestly, yoga has helped, and it continues to help, more that I can express with words.

How do you stay motivated to keep getting back on your mat?

I don’t put any conditions on myself before starting the practice. I just give it my best and start with a clean slate each time. That way it doesn’t matter what happens in the mat.

What’s your favourite thing about Ashtanga Yoga?

What I like the most about Ashtanga Yoga is that it is a forever developing skill that extends beyond the mat.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of trying yoga?

I would encourage others with the warning that yoga can easily evolve from a weekly activity to a lifestyle.


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