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Farewell to Mel from Live and Breathe Yoga Townsville

You guys know how much I love my ashtanga yoga loving team. Each person in it is super special to me and I am forever in gratitude for how hard they work and how much they love what they do to help make Live and Breathe Yoga, Townsville, what it is today. Without them, the beautiful vibe that we have at the studio would not be what it is. Mel has been with me since the first week I opened way back in 2010. She was one of the first to take one of my Introduction to ashtanga yoga courses when I returned to Townsville after many years away. I had been teaching a few years in Scotland in various studios and when I arrived home I started teaching in my living room to small groups with the hope of turning those small classes into what we have today. Mel fell in love with yoga very quickly and it has changed her life in so many ways. I have been fortunate enough to be there with her along the way, guiding and supporting when she needed help but mostly cheering her on every step of the way.  I just love this pic of Mel and I back in the old studio don’t you?

Mel’s spirit is strong and bright and wherever she goes she tries to make a difference. She is a wonderful yoga teacher, inspiring member of the community and dear friend. She has an amazing knack of knowing what I am thinking as I’m thinking it and has been a loyal and supportive friend who I will always treasure. She has been a total joy to have at the studio sharing her passion for the practice with many.

Mel has decided to hang up her teaching hat for awhile to focus on other things but will hopefully teach here and there as and when we need extra support. Mel will be finishing up at the end of the month so give her big hug and wish her well on her next endeavours.  Thanks so much for all your help over the many years Mel, we will miss you.


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