February 18th My Indian birthday!

It’s my birthday and I’ve had a lovely day. Saturday is a rest day from the shala so a few of us met for breakfast and then headed to the Golden Landmark hotel for a swim in the pool and then a leisurely lunch. It was very relaxed and I was home in time to skype Harry…thank goodness for skype!

img_2322Birthday lunch!

Today I am feeling so grateful to be here in Mysore. A place I have thought about so often and dreamt of returning to so many times. It is now ten years ago that I packed up and moved to the UK in search of a new beginning. I had no idea how amazing the next decade was going to be including three extended stays in India to study yoga….if you’d have told me back then I don’t think I would have believed you. I was thinking that it all it took was one friend to plant the idea in my head and encourage me to go out and see the world. He never even questioned that it wasn’t what I should do. If it weren’t for him I never would have done it. That friend is no longer with us but what an impact he made on my life…if only I could have had the chance to let him know. Reflecting on this made me think about how people we meet along the way, even very briefly, can make such a difference in our life by believing in us and they usually don’t even know it. Now I have dedicated my life to encouraging others to believe anything is possible and to the best they can be through the practice of yoga. I am so grateful for this beautiful practice and how much it has brought to my life. By being connected to our body and our breath we start to focus the mind, we make little changes, which lead to big changes and slowly our life transforms.  Yoga is something that made me believe anything is possible. Like a posture we have never tried before. At first it seems completely impossible, almost crazy! However one day, after a lot of patience and practice, it becomes possible (just very difficult) and then one day maybe not so difficult and then one day we look forward to it and it feels comfortable and calming. This is yoga…being in the centre of balance, steadiness, ease – not forcing not grabbing for more, being content with what is. Unlike the countless ten step solutions and quick fix fads offered today, yoga does not pretend to be simple, quick or easy. It takes into account the very messy and complex human nature and challenging everyday life but with but with a nourishing practice, dedication and belief we can really get to know who we really are and find happiness….stillness.

So I ask how are you inspiring your friends and family? If we all start to believe in and encourage each other we can change our small world around us and then eventually the bigger world too. Go out and inspire your friends to be the best they can be. Let that person know they made difference in your life….don’t regret not telling them when it’s too late. You may never know how much your words of encouragement, belief and thanks have made a difference to another person’s life.


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