March 3rd Beginners mind

So I’m writing this post as I am having a bit of trouble sleeping. If you know me you know that this is very uncommon as I can pretty much sleep anywhere and be out cold within about 3 minutes of closing my eyes. Tomorrow I am going to my first ever Intermediate Series Led class. (for those who are interested you can check out what that looks like here http://www.ashtangayoga.info/practice/asana-vinyasa-series/intermediate-series-nadi-shodhana/ ) The second series is called Nadi Shodana which means nervous system purification so lots of backbends, leg behind head postures, and arm balancing!

765607337_camlaird-20100116-9437-2_2One of my faves! Ardha matsyendrasana

The format is the same as the Primary Series Led class which I have done so many of over the last 12 years (even after that long I still find it really difficult!). However now it’s the second series we will be led through to Sharath’s count. I am now feeling like a complete beginner. I have no idea what to expect, will the count feel too fast or too slow, when will Sharath stop me from continuing on, how early should I arrive to get a good spot in the shala, will my back and my knee hold up (yes some old injuries have started to work they way out!)…blah blah blah!

I have done most of the postures before but only ever in Mysore style format which allows you to take your time when you need to, come out of a difficult posture a bit early when you need to (ok yes I do sometimes cheat too!) but in the Led class you have no time to faff (great Scottish word not sure if I’ve spelt it correctly) around and no getting out early even when the count is sooooo slow.

Most folk think the Mysore class is scary but its definitely a lot easier..you do everything at your own pace as and when you are ready with the teacher giving you one on one attention…Oh how I love the Mysore class! The aim in the Led class is to move and breathe (vinyasa) to the correct count… i.e inhale when the teacher says to, exhale when the teacher says to and coordinate your movement in time with the breath. Someone once said to me that the Mysore class is like the dress rehearsal and the Led class is the performance…boy do I have a bad case of opening night jitters!

Ok so I know its only a yoga class and I tell my students all the time just to come along, do what they can, try again next time and have fun….but isn’t it funny how you are never very good at following your own advice!? Mmmmm a big lesson for me! I have often thought about how great it would be to go back to my first class again…to experience the magic of yoga for the first time is something to treasure…so sweet…but it’s pretty scary too!  Sharath often says “Why you fear?…just try” so I guess that’s all I can do…

I’ve got my alarm set, my clothes laid out, my tea cup ready to go… I’ve checked I’ve got my shala card about 8 times and my yoga mat bag is packed…all I need to do now is sleep…I’ll let you know how I go…eek!


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