Grand Opening Night Friday 25th June 2010

Our opening night of our new city centre studio was a huge success.  Thanks to all who made it along on Friday.   It was so amazing to have so many people share the event with us.  We raised over $250 for the Sea Turtle Foundation (thanks to everyone for generously donating) and heard talks from David Roe of the Sea Turtle Foundation, Jasmine from Sundalah and Tara from Trails Adventure Fitness.

Harry also launched his new website www.the healthpractice.com and has some exciting events coming up in the future…more info to follow on email and in the news section here.  You can contact him direct for more info too.

Thanks to all who donated prizes:

Harry Normand – the Health Practice

Brenda Dickerson – Reflexologist

Jasmine – Sundalah

Toni – Plant Essentials

Tara – Trails Adventure Fitness

David – the Sea Turtle Foundation



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