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Introduction to Functional Health Workshops

The much anticipated group sessions with Harry (that he spoke about at the opening night) are starting on Saturday July 31st.

Healthcare often focuses on matching symptoms to textbook drugs or surgery, but the processes that cause the problems in the first place are often left unresolved. These chronic processes are typically caused by our body’s failure to adapt to the modern environment.

By understanding the systems that control the balance of your internal health, and what can cause them to malfunction, you can learn to take action to build and maintain your own health.  This short course is an enjoyable and eye-opening introduction to concepts that go against the failing healthcare system and support the body’s own natural healing capacity.

Starts Saturday 31st July for 4 weeks; $60 Contact Harry to book your place


0401 384 893

New Wednesday Classes with Harry

5.15-6.15pm: Introduction to Functional Movement

Want a new dynamic approach to your gym training? Harry presents modern gym training techniques to develop optimal joint stability, alignment & mobility, and to prevent and rehabilitate injuries. Functional strength means strength that you can use in the complex movements of real life, rather than the linear movements you’re often restricted to in the gym. This is the course everyone should do before they go to a commercial gym or are wanting some inspiration to their current program.

Starts Wednesday 28th July for 4 weeks; $60

Please email harry@thehealthpractice.com to register…places are limited.

6.30-8pm: Ashtanga Yoga led class

Open to all that have completed the Introduction to Ashtanga Yoga course. Harry’s injuries from 12 years of competitive Taekwondo have forced him to apply his knowledge of human movement to progress his Ashtanga practice, so come and learn how to use the body’s structure and reflexes to your advantage .

Starts Wednesday 14th July; standard yoga class prices apply.

Please email harry@thehealthpractice.com to enquire or book in.

New Studio Equipment

Live & Breathe Yoga is pleased to announce the arrival of all sorts of cool new stuff for the launch of Harry’s new functional movement training studio. From July 21st, our city space is now home to an exercise studio with an approach unique to Townsville. Functional Movement is training that strengthens the body in ways that actually carry over to real life … too many typical gym exercises involve unnatural movements, being either isolated (e.g. bicep or hamstring curls) or supported (most gym machines, which make your core muscles switch off), but functional movement training trains you to generate force

in natural movement patterns (i.e. three-dimensional movements standing up in a field of gravity).

Actually a lot of the benefits of this type of training correlate closely with yoga … because the movement is so natural it’s fantastic for injury prevention & treatment … also we pay close attention to getting joint alignment right, so that you’re not exacerbating postural problems and priming yourself for injury with each repetition.  With practice, it trains you to move easily and with economy of movement, and allows you to generate strength and power from the ground, up through the core, and into whatever you’re trying to do.

Using these principles, Harry designs individual exercise programs for injury rehabilitation & prevention, for improved movement quality, and for athletic strength & power development. Book a posture and movement assessment now by contacting Harry.



0401 384 893

Cork Blocks Order

If you would like to order a cork block like the ones we have in the studio I will be placing an order next Friday 23rd July.  These blocks are great for opening up your back and shoulders (most of you have used them in class and have felt the benefits) The distributor cannot give me an exact price as it depends on how many we order but they will be approximately $30.  Please email me by next Thursday 22nd to place an order and I’ll add you to my list.

Sundalah Sunday July 25th 12-5pm

Get your yoga on at Sundalah Sunday on July 25th all for $15!!!!  I am teaching an Intro to Ashtanga class and Harry is speaking about Health and Movement so please come and support us and all the other Townsville yoga teachers..there are classes running all day covering all styles of yoga and meditation..bring your kids too as there are heaps of activities for them to have loads of fun!  Get there early though so you dont miss out on a spot..it was pretty busy last time…Bring a yoga mat and be ready for a fabulous day!

for all the info go to www.sundalah.com.au/sundays

If you want to join the September 19th,Global Mala 108 Sun Salutations event, the tickets for this will be on sale at the July 25th Sundalah Sunday…only 108 tickets are being sold so get in early and dont miss out!

If you have any questions about any of the above info then please get in touch by email to me at


I hope to see you in a class very soon.

Om shanti.


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