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I don’t get to see my teacher very often so I practice on my own most of the time.  Nothing can ever substitute for a really great yoga teacher that you practice with regularly and who knows you and your practice but sometimes you can’t see your teacher very often, it’s hard to get to class as life just gets in the way or you can get to class but you want more!

Here are some of my favourite online yoga and meditation resources that I use all the time that I hope you enjoy too…let me know what you think? Do you have any that you can suggest?

1. Deepak Chopra 21 day meditation App

If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know I’m a fan of the Deepak Chopra 21 day meditation. They are free and always have a theme like Success, Abundance or Happiness. The app that goes with the challenge makes it so easy to take part and meditate each day. Deepak has the most soothing, comforting voice I could listen to him all day.  He introduces a theme, gives you some direction and guidance and then leads you through a mantra based meditation. Keep an eye out here for the next one by signing up here:


 2. iBrainwave Binaural beats and White Noise app

Having a baby that doesn’t really like to sleep has been tough to handle and there have been days where I felt like and angry, messed up zombie!  Thankfully, Andy Roberts from Breathe Australia (who teaches Meditation and Mindfulness classes at the studio) let me know about this app and I LOVE IT! You choose the setting, whether you want to sleep, meditate or be active. I’ve only tried the sleep setting and I tell you it gets me sleeping like a baby (or not like a baby actually…. where did that stupid expression come from?!) The quiet humming is a bit weird and off-putting at first but after a few minutes I am out cold…zzzzzzz

iBrainwave SE : Binaural beats and White Noise in the AppStore

3. Primary Series App by Daylene Christensen

I must confess I have a bit of a girl crush on Day Christensen.  Her strength and grace makes things look so easy I could watch her practice for hours. I was super excited to see that she has released a primary series app and its really good, with breakdowns of Sun Salutations, the opening and closing mantras and a meditation timer it’s all there to help you practice.

Ashtanga Yoga Primary Series Daylene Christensen in the AppStore

4. Yoga Glo

This is a great resource if you are looking to try some different styles or don’t have the time to practice for long or need some motivation. I was particularly excited to see Richard Freeman has some classes on here (he is one of my favorite ashtanga teachers). It’s a monthly fee so only sign up if you think you’ll use it. There are so many wonderful teachers on here it’s a bit overwhelming to choose just one at a time!


5. Mind Body Connect App

I recently started back at Adult Ballet classes with DanceNorth and noticed they also use the same online booking system, MindBody as we do at the studio. This made it so easy to book in online and pay for my class it was great!  I notice a lot of yoga studios, crossfit boxes and other centres are using this now so it makes it super easy to book your classes as you only have to create your profile once and then you can book into so many different activities with the swipe of a finger. Don’t forget to add us as a favourite and give us a review while you’re there!

Mindbody Connect App

6. Instagram ashtanga yoga family and Insta yoga challenges

When you start to practice ashtanga yoga, you quickly realise you have joined an international family of dedicated and inspirational yogi’s.  If you hang out on Instagram you will be able to get to know them too. One of the things I love about Instagram is that I have been able to connect with other ashtangis, share experiences and chat. This is how I met Santina Giardina-Chard (an incedible ashtanga practitioner and teacher based on the Gold Coast) and invited her to come up to Live and Breathe Yoga…and she graciously sad yes! Ive also taken part in a few challenges including the current Ashtanga Dispatch Superheros #mortalswelcome challenge

See what I get up to during the day on Instagram and follow the #mortalswelcome

 7. David Keil : Yoganatomy

al and david in aberdeen 2014
al and david in aberdeen 2014

David Keil has been one of the biggest influences on my yoga practice and teaching. He was our anatomy teacher when I did my training 9 years ago.  I have travelled far and wide to practice with this man and I am yet to find anyone of his caliber, authenticity and sense of humour. Needless to say I miss him a lot. But good news is he has loads of information on his website and does monthly google hangouts where he answers questions.  And even better new is that I might have finally convinced to come for a visit…watch this space! But in the meantime, check out his website…

David Keil Online



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