Things I Love…yoga practice in socks!

Allison's favourite chocolates

This is going to be a regular monthly post where I share with you about 5 things that I am in loving at the moment…

Legwarmers and baby leg warmers…if you’ve seen me practice yoga in the winter you’ll know I’m a huge fan of leg warmers…they are just so cool!  And I found this website where you can get baby ones!  Keep an eye out for Elsie sporting a pair very soon!

Fuzzy Freckles Baby legwarmers

Bettertarian…the tag line says it all really.  Eat with understanding, make better choices and feel better.  This is the way Harry and I try to eat.  We notice what food does to our energy levels, our moods, our digestion (ahem no details needed as I think you know what I mean).  This site jumped out at me and so now when folk ask me I say I’m a Bettertarian.


So you think you can dance Michael’s performance…I got sucked into So You Think You Can Dance this year and I loved Micheal so much. This performance gave me goose bumps.

Michael’s solo performance

Otto’s Juice bar…this is my new favourite place to hang out. My best mate, Anna and I got a pizza there one night before the movies (pre-Elsie!) and it was so yummy, I often grab a juice if I’m driving past, and now they have these funky chocolates for sale. It’s super relaxed and has great products – (they sell local fruit and vege’s and bake their own bread) and they get better every time I go in.

Otto’s Supermarket

Yoga with socks…I follow a few well known yoga teachers on instagram and they have inspired me to try a few things in socks. I’m working hard on getting my strength back after having  Elsie and this has been a really fun way of doing that…

Allison in socks

I’ll be sharing more things I love next month.




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