July Yogi of the month : Shona

Live and Breathe Yoga Townsville Yogi of the Month Shona

Shona is a yogi of the month for July 2013….read her inspiring interview below…


1. When and where did you first start practising yoga? 

In February 2012, whilst Alison was in India. I started by attending Harrys’ Wednesday night beginner’s class.

2. Why were you interested in the first place? 

I was attending balances classes at the gym, but was finding them a little monotonous. I’d heard so many wonderful things about yoga and was told it was great for stress relief. I thought joining a real yoga studio would be the best opportunity to discover what it was all about.

3. What is it that got you hooked? 

I noticed immediate improvements, not only in my strength and flexibility, but also in my stress levels. I’d finally found something which kept me physically active but was teaching me to slow down and take time to ‘smell the roses’.

4. What do you love about Live and Breathe yoga? 

Definitely the sense of community Allison and Harry have created. I always get a ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling walking into the studio. It doesn’t matter your age, your capability or how often you practice, everyone is so welcoming and encouraging. Plus, Saturday’s wouldn’t be the same without a chit-chat with friends over a Harry’s famous chai.

5. What benefits have you felt since practising yoga? 

Since starting, I’ve achieved so much more than I’d ever expected and I know that with a little patience I can achieve even more. I’m stronger and more flexible, but most importantly I feel stronger on the inside. I’m exciting to discover where yoga will take me over the next 12 months.

6. How often do you practice in a week? 

At present, it’s about twice per week though three would be ideal. I occasionally practice at home too.

7. What’s your favourite thing about Ashtanga Yoga? 

Oh, tricky one… I think it’s the ability to set your own goals, and work at your own pace. I’m quite flexible in some postures and completely not in others. I’ve had to learn how to gain control, build strength but also let go and relax.

8. What would you say to someone who is thinking of trying yoga? 

Yoga is suitable to absolutely everyone, from the young, the old, the athletic and not so athletic, there are simply no boundaries. I’d also say, that you don’t have to take on all aspects of yoga, both the physical and spiritual. It’s possible to work with what suits you and discover different areas when you’re ready.




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