Welcome to the new website!

Yay we have a brand new website and isn’t it beautiful?  A big thank you to Stephen at Verve Design for all his technical and design expertise, Rosana Kersh for her extraordinary photographs and to the gorgeous Alex from Monk Script for all her copy editing superstar-ness (ok Alex I know that’s not a real word sorry) Without their help it would not look so good!

I am so excited about the new website and all the plans I have for it. The most exciting thing is that I have some guest bloggers who are in Mysore right now and are writing about their experience. Melissa, Biannka and Gabi are all studying at the KPJAYI shala and will be sending me updates and photos to be posted here on the blog. Keep an eye out for those coming soon!

As I will be away from teaching for a couple of months (but I’ll be around the studio from time to time – I will miss you all too much) I will be blogging and hopefully vlogging about my experience of coming back to my ashtanga practice after 9 months of pregnancy and the arrival of the baby.  This is a way for me to stay in touch with all of you and keep a bit of a diary of how my practice unfolds over the next 12 months. I have learnt so much through the pregnancy about trusting my body, surrendering to the days where I was so ill and letting go of what I used to be able to do (I even dream about yoga postures that used to feel so good but have not been appropriate for a while now) and I am excited about going back to the beginning and feeling like a beginner again. Yes it’s true, being a beginner is the best place to be! Any chance you get, I encourage you to go back to the beginning and revel in the basics of the practice.

So this is it…the start of a new year! I hope you can join me along the way.

Om shanti



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