Biannka : Home again

Biannka, Gabi and Mel at the Mysore palace

Home again, home again Hello all!  I am now back in sunny Cairns and am gradually settling back into my life here.  It was raining for the first week I got home which was the best ever.  I love the rain, I think it’s good for your soul.  It was nice to come home to … Read more

Gabi : 28 days later

This week is my 1 month anniversary with India. I’m sure that, those reading my Debby Downer blog posts, will have realized, this shit is hard. So much more tiring than I thought possible. Added to practice, I have been writing my thesis (stupid thesis). So I’m pretty well physically, mentally, emotionally spent right now. … Read more

Biannka : First full week in the shala

I am now at the end of my first full week of practise.  In coming to Mysore, my only expectation was to practice with Sharath and see how the month rolled out.  I had heard a bunch of different stories about the Shala; how many adjustments you get or don’t get, the type of adjustments, … Read more

Gabi : Do your practice

I think I have said this before, but Mysore life pretty much revolves around practice and food. Before practice people talk about where they are going for breakfast, after practice coconut chatter revolves around how your practice was, breakfast chats are all about how awesome practice and your new asana is and where you’re eating … Read more

Gabi : Waiting for change

Practice has been hard. Everything hurts. Well not everything, but my knees hurt.  When I first got here, I did as I usually do and tried to bind in ardha baddha padmottanasana and ardha baddha Padma paschimatanasana. I then ignore the forward bend and content myself with sitting and twisting, trying to get my other … Read more

Gabi : Castor Oil

  I have had 5 practice sessions now, including 3 mysore style practices. The shala is pretty phenomenal.  So many ashtangi’s. My first mysore practice, Monday, was amazing! I felt so good, my dristi was good, I had a fair amount of strength, I wasn’t too tired, I had some great adjustments. Just overall amazing. … Read more

Gabi : First week in the shala

I have now registered to study and am studying with Sharath. I have been lucky enough to score an 11am start for my regular class time. Which means 1. My body will be a bit more awake and hopefully not so stiff when I practice and 2. I have time for a light breakfast and … Read more

Mel : Reflections of Mysore

Recovery and Reflection I didn’t write as regularly as I anticipated while in India, so here is a reflection on my second trip to Mysore. Overall, I had a fantastic time and learnt a lot about yoga, ‘yogis’ and myself (more on this in my next blog post). The trip was made all the more … Read more

Biannka : Mysore love!

I’m in love – in total, mad, crazy love with this beautiful place called Mysore and I’ve only just arrived.  Because I decided to arrive in Mysore a little earlier than I had booked my apartment for, I am staying in another place owned by my landlord.  It is a little self-contained room upstairs of … Read more