Tradition : learning from the ancient teachings

Live and Breathe Yoga Tradition

For us at Live and Breathe Yoga, tradition (another one of our core values) is all about respect for the lineage of wisdom passed down to us from our teachers and from their teachers before. We love to learn from those who have gone before us and respect the teachings enough to allow them to … Read more

Allison and Dani’s favourite yoga sutras

yoga sutras with allison dearling and dani ceccarelli

One of our amazing teachers, Mel has done the wonderful job of summarising the philosophy discussion that was apart of our recent Ashtanga yoga intensive weekend.  Grab a cuppa and enjoy… ———– As many of you know Live and Breathe Yoga (Allison) recently joined forces with Magnetic Island Yoga (Dani) to hold an Ashtanga yoga weekend … Read more