When my practice wasn’t enough…Harry to the rescue

Harry Normand Spark Movement Studio Townsville

This past 2 years I have been in a lot pain. I was in a pretty serious car accident about 18 years ago as most of you know. My recovery is what started me into yoga and I am thankful for my yoga practice for making it almost unnoticeable how serious the injuries had affected … Read more

Nurture your body and your spirit

Live and Breathe Yoga Townsville Nurture

To nurture means to care for, support and encourage while someone or something is growing and it’s one of our core values at Live and Breathe Yoga. We strive to show how the traditional practice of ashtanga yoga can fit anyone at any level. We do this by encouraging our students to believe in themselves … Read more

Starting a self care revolution by Alli McClean

Live and Breathe Yoga Townsville Starting a self care revolution

Self care isn’t something that comes easily, like anything that is good for us, it’s one of the most difficult practices to start and maintain. Earlier this year, I had to go home for a short but intense spell because my darling Dad was unwell. When I arrived home I had added another patient to … Read more

My new immunity boosting morning ritual

Allison's new yoga routine

I’m just about out of the cloud of the ‘Fourth Trimester’ and starting to feel a little more human. Only slightly. My days still have absolutely no routine, which I am craving and I am keen to get some kind of morning ritual happening again for my sanity and well-being.  I am a big believer … Read more

Learn how to take control of your health

Introduction to Functional Health Workshop Sunday 21st November 2010 10am – 2pm Support your body’s natural healing systems by learning how to optimise: • Nutrition • Digestion & detoxification • Hormonal and immune function Topics range from media health coverage to personal health awareness, from food processing to organic farming, from diet books to individualised … Read more