Earth : calm, grounded, steady

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Our elements program is a journey of self-discovery through the power of embodied yoga practice, nourishing breath work, powerful meditation, working with nature’s rhythm and exploratory self-study. We are about progress not perfection. Starting before we are ready and maintaining momentum even when it’s challenging. Finding time for ourselves every week because we are our … Read more

Happy hips equals happy mind

Ashtanga yoga Townsville at Live and Breathe Yoga

When I was about 13 I started getting some weird stuff happening in my right hip. I was a very active kid, and was super into my ballet. I just loved it so much. But my hip started clunking in and out, making all sorts of crazy popping noises and I would get a bit … Read more

How to get back on your yoga mat

Live and Breathe Yoga Townsville Tips on how to get back on your yoga mat

There are many reasons why we resist our yoga practice and that resistance can be very strong. After fighting my own excuses and listening to others, I’ve come to realise that it all boils down to fear. Fear of not being good enough, fear of what will happen if we go to yoga class instead … Read more

Lessons from David Keil of Yoganatomy

Ashtanga yoga with David Keil Australia

One of my big dreams came true this month. Something I have been hoping would happen ever since I opened Live and Breathe Yoga six years ago. David Keil finally made the very long trip from Miami, Florida to our wee studio in Townsville, North Queensland. David has been the biggest influence over my practice and … Read more

Too busy to practice and other excuses why we resist the mat

Too busy to practice yoga and other excuses

It’s really hard to commit ourselves to an ashtanga yoga practice. Let’s face it – it’s really hard to commit ourselves to anything that will be good for us.  Anything worthwhile takes grit, determination and a whole lot of discipline.  Saving money, eating well, studying, exercising – all really hard work.  But always worth it. … Read more

365 days to jumpback : ashtanga yoga practice

Live and Breathe Yoga 365 days to jumpback with Allison Dearling

The jumpback is one of the most asked about elements of the ashtanga yoga practice. Almost every weekend workshop I have attended there has been a session dedicated to this illusive yet awe inspiring movement.  It’s the action of lifting yourself up off the ground from cross legged position, tucking your legs underneath you ,swinging … Read more