Earth : calm, grounded, steady

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Our elements program is a journey of self-discovery through the power of embodied yoga practice, nourishing breath work, powerful meditation, working with nature’s rhythm and exploratory self-study. We are about progress not perfection. Starting before we are ready and maintaining momentum even when it’s challenging. Finding time for ourselves every week because we are our … Read more

Finding self connection

Self Connection Live and Breathe Yoga Townsville

Connection is something I value very deeply and is also one of the values I have weaved into everything we do at Live and Breathe Yoga. I’ve written before about connection and how we can connect on various levels (with ourselves, with others, with the community and with the world) and I wanted to explore … Read more

Smile because it happened

Farewell to Mel from Live and Breathe Yoga Townsville

You guys know how much I love my ashtanga yoga loving team. Each person in it is super special to me and I am forever in gratitude for how hard they work and how much they love what they do to help make Live and Breathe Yoga, Townsville, what it is today. Without them, the beautiful … Read more

Connection : with self study

Connection at Live and Breathe Yoga Townsville

The teachings of yoga give us a roadmap for connecting to ourselves so that we can live a more peaceful life and in turn we can then connect to others with compassion, kindness and no judgment. The best way to connect our body, mind and spirit is with our breath. Connection is another one of … Read more

Why we chai at Live and Breathe Yoga

Its always tea time at Live and Breathe Yoga Townsville

India runs on chai. It’s everywhere! There are chai wallahs on every corner, on every train and you are offered chai in just about every shop you visit. It’s best never to turn it down as it’s one of the best things about India. If you are lost, too hot to know what to do … Read more

Welcome to the new website!

Yay we have a brand new website and isn’t it beautiful?  A big thank you to Stephen at Verve Design for all his technical and design expertise, Rosana Kersh for her extraordinary photographs and to the gorgeous Alex from Monk Script for all her copy editing superstar-ness (ok Alex I know that’s not a real … Read more