365 days to jumpback : ashtanga yoga practice

Live and Breathe Yoga 365 days to jumpback with Allison Dearling

The jumpback is one of the most asked about elements of the ashtanga yoga practice. Almost every weekend workshop I have attended there has been a session dedicated to this illusive yet awe inspiring movement.  It’s the action of lifting yourself up off the ground from cross legged position, tucking your legs underneath you ,swinging … Read more

Starting a self care revolution by Alli McClean

Live and Breathe Yoga Townsville Starting a self care revolution

Self care isn’t something that comes easily, like anything that is good for us, it’s one of the most difficult practices to start and maintain. Earlier this year, I had to go home for a short but intense spell because my darling Dad was unwell. When I arrived home I had added another patient to … Read more

Live and Breathe Yoga’s Instagram challenge

Live and Breathe Yoga Drishti Instagram challenge

Yoga Instagram challenge starting on October 1st 10 days… 1 drishti per day and one day of turning our gaze inward to our heart in meditation… We are so excited to announce the first Live and Breathe Yoga Instagram challenge to help you inwardly focus. ALL levels are welcome to join this challenge. This is … Read more